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Working on Windows Makes Me Sad

Troubleshooting yesterday’s error, I found this Github issue. On it, a contributor recommended to test the connection by running ngrok without a service. I tried this, and ngrok reported a connection successfully established. The contributor and this Stack Overflow answer then recommended to downgrade cryptography < 2.2.

However, downgrading cryptography < 2.2 resulted in an error, Failed building wheel for cryptography. I couldn’t find anything helpful for this, so I suspected that it was due to using Python 3. I then tried switching to Python 2. I installed Python 2, but somehow pip and python commands didn’t work. They just opened the Windows Store page for Python. Looking this up, I found a relevant Stack Overflow question. I followed both answers, adding Python to PATH on re-installation and removing aliases, but they still didn’t work.

I felt that it wasn’t worth this headache to continue using Windows. I switched to my Chromebook (that I had installed GalliumOS on) to get both library compatibility and PyCharm. I had not previously used it for development because its CPU and RAM were weaker than my Windows laptop, but I’m getting desperate. I just want things to work.

During setup, I had an issue installing cryptography, but I was successful after just installing a few dependencies.