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SSH Profiles in iTerm2

Well, I admit I didn’t end up writing as much as I’d hoped. When final projects and final exams rolled around, I put everything aside. Oh well.

Anyway, I recently got an Ubuntu instance on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (I know, I know, I’ll explain this in a different post).

It’s been nice, but Ubuntu really seems to like its TUIs, and these TUIs don’t look very good in my light-themed terminal.

An Ubuntu TUI with ugly colors

I think they’re supposed to look like this:

An Ubuntu TUI with the Ubuntu color scheme

This second screenshot was taken with the Ubuntu theme.

So, I wanted a way to easily access my instance with the Ubuntu theme, while keeping my normal terminal light themed.

My solution was to use iTerm2’s profiles. I kept my default profile as light mode, and created a new profile for my instance, specifying ssh dev as the startup command:

The iTerm profile for ssh

This worked, but I was worried that my ssh windows would disappear when my connections close. Luckily, iTerm2 had a fix for that.

In the “Session” section of the profile settings, I could change “After a session ends:” to “No action” from its default, “Close”.

With this, when my connection closes, the terminal window stays open, and I have the option to restart the session. Session ended with broken pipe.png