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A Plan for Writing Consistently

I haven’t written any blog posts recently, and I’ve been thinking about how I could be more consistent with my blog.

Shorter blog posts

I think, after writing my last blog post that turned out to be very long, I didn’t want to expend the effort to write something so long again.

But blog posts don’t have to be long. I actually think writing shorter blog posts could be better.

First, shorter blog posts would be less daunting, hopefully encouraging me to write more often.

They would also force me to think about one specific thing I learned, leading to posts that are more applicable and sharable.

A shorter blog post could be about a particular bug I found and fixed, a program component I implemented particularly well, or a random trick I learned.

This sounds like it could work. I’d read a blog with shorter posts like these.

Making it a habit

I’m also thinking of things I could do to make writing a habit, opposed to something I do only when I realize, “oh, I haven’t updated my blog in a while, let me write a post”.

I don’t want to set some kind of release schedule—to say, “publish at least one blog post per week”. I think that would lead to forced, lower-quality content.

I think what could work would be setting some time aside to write on a regular basis. This is something my friend told me she started doing; she would allocate 15 minutes of every day to writing.

15 minutes doesn’t sound too bad.